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Downsizing Your Stuff

“A house is just a pile of STUFF with a cover on it.”   George Carlin

During Dave’s presentation, he talks about several BIG reasons why Americans have so much STUFF.

Decluttering is a process, not an event. Dave suggests when, where, and how to begin the process. Everyone is different, so he recommends more than one way to approach, manage and discard our many possessions.

Do you know that 40% of Americans can’t fit a car into their garage because it is full of stuff?

It’s estimated one in every ten American households have so much STUFF the owners need to rent a storage facility?

We all have STUFF! Why do we acquire and save more possessions than

we need?

What happens when our stuff starts to own us? Why can’t we just throw things away?


“Got Clutter? Who doesn’t?” . . . says Dave Downs, a retired schoolteacher who’s found a second career on the regional lecture circuit with his humorous Clutter Control program. Downs, an Attleboro, MA resident . . . promises participants will not only leave laughing, but armed with a few practical tips  and that his program is for the average American who has too much stuff.   Downs says participants will leave knowing that if they’re thoughtful about the items they acquire, what they keep and what they discard. “They can start to reverse the tendency to bury themselves in treasures,”  he says . . . his program remains lighthearted and informative.

Westerly Sun

In his charming, humorous way, Downs is reaching hundreds of people with his talk, Downsizing Your Stuff: Clutter Control is for everyday citizens who strive on getting rid of excess. He travels from Massachusetts and Rhode Island to Connecticut and New Hampshire to talk before audiences in libraries and senior centers. “It’s a fun program for the average person – not for hoarders,” he said, “No one goes home feeling guilty. I make fun of myself talking about overbuying bargains.”

Michelle BerMas, Whitman-Hanson Express

David Downs does not claim to be any expert of organization. He doesn’t own a cleaning business, or sell containers meant to turn a home into a place for wall-to-wall cubbies and bin labels. He simply has experience with stuff, specifically having too much of it. “Why get rid of clutter? The number one reason is that you’ll end up feeling better about yourself and your house.” Downs said. “It’s kind of a downer, and it drains energy.”

Meghan Kavanauh, Valley Breeze

“The question I like to ask  is this,” he jokes: “With all the things in your life, are you any happier than your dog?...Dogs don’t need much stuff to make them happy.” He adds. Downs says participants will leave knowing that if they’re thoughtful about the items they aquire . . . what they keep and what they discard . . . they can start to reverse the tendency to bury themselves in treasures. He says . . . his program remains lighthearted and informative.”

Nancy Burns-Fusaro, Front Porch News, Westerly Sun

Rehoboth Senior Citizens enjoyed an informative presentation by Dave Downs, a retired Rehoboth school teacher. Downs humorously outlined ten common reasons why the average American has so much stuff and what to do about it. Those reasons ranged from, “We might need it someday” to “We can’t resist Yard Sales or a Bargain!” Downs gave many suggestions for reversing these tendencies; beginning the decluttering process and how to dispose of the STUFF you decide to let go.

Rehoboth Senior Center News

Dave’s audience leaves the program smiling. No one goes home feeling guilty. He does not talk about hoarding disorders.

He offers a handout for interested participants to take home with them.


We might need it someday.     It just needs a little repair.

We should donate it.      Grown children left their stuff behind.

Dave discusses the pros and cons to selling, donating, giving away, throwing out and paying someone to take our stuff away. Dave approaches “Clutter Control” in a humorous way. He uses amusing stories throughout the talk to engage as well as inform the audience.

Dave’s purpose is to inform and motivate the audience. Participants leave the program with new ideas, methods and helpful hints. They will know that if they are thoughtful about what they keep and what they discard, they will start to reverse the tendency to bury themselves in “treasures!”