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Downs Entertainment

Sue Lefort, Recreation Coordinator

Attleboro Senior Center

“Thank you for all the wonderful programs that you have organized and performed at the Rev. Gordon Larson Senior Center. You always come in well prepared and with a professional attitude. I wanted to thank you for . . . your delightful programs . . .You made my job easier!”

Norton Historical Society

“What a pleasant evening it was Tuesday. Such favorable comments we received about your program. How we could relate to so much you mentioned. The audience responded so heartily to finishing the jingles. You brought back so many memories about early advertising. We will remind ourselves about not buying what we don’t need.”

Friends of the Lynnfield Library

“Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative talk on Clutter Control…You were punctual (early!) and made all your points clearly and with great humor. I have . . . received a lot of positive feedback, and you may be sure that I will be happy to pass along your information to other interested people . . . Thanks for the wonderful presentation!”

Agawam Advertiser News

“Dave Downs offered a light hearted and humorous look on how to deal with clutter . . . at the Agawam Library. Downs comically outlined 10 reasons why we collect clutter and how it is tied to our emotions. The crowd laughed at his personal stories depicting an avid tag-saler who would purchase things to be fixed . . .  ‘One thing I’ll take from this is to lighten up. He had the same issues that affect us. By not holding things too close, we can get rid of things,’ said Julia M.”

Blessed Sacrament Women’s Guild

“The meeting was a great success. The women loved the program and thought you were a riot! They are still talking about it and what they are doing to declutter! . . . I'd be happy to endorse you for your publicity.  I certainly would be telling the truth!”

Heather & Staff, Portsmouth Public Library

I loved hearing the collective sighs of relief when audience members realized they weren’t alone, as well as the howls of raucous laughter. Thank you for you helpful tips as well as great tales from the Clutter Trenches. Our crowd enjoyed themselves so much. .Such a fabulous program. Thanks for a lively and enlightening evening.”

Friends of the East Greenwich Free Library

“It was so much fun and educational as well. Thank you so much for entertaining the audience . . . I learned a lot . . . ”

Groton Council on Aging

“Everyone loved the show – you were great! Thanks so much for coming in to perform for the seniors, it was greatly appreciated!”

Whitman-Hanson Express

“In his charming, humorous way, Downs is reaching hundreds of people with his talk.”

Billerica Public Library

“Thanks again for a wonderful program last night. All of the surveys came back with wonderful responses. Audience members appreciated your suggestions, many enjoyed your humor.  You were a hit.”

New Friends of the Saugus Public Library

“I think we hit a home run with last evening’s program. Everyone left there happy and talking about how many of your statements really ‘hit the mark’! We New Friends were very happy with the turnout and response . . . Please keep in touch regarding your other Clutter program . . . Thanks again for a wonderful program.”


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Faneuil Branch of the Boston Public Library

“We had such a good time with you!”

Braintree AARP

Everyone enjoyed your program….I was thinking of having you return in the fall. “

Erica M.

I am writing to thank you for inspiring me to get rid of my clutter. I saw your presentation at the Bridgewater Public Library last Tuesday evening with a couple of friends of mine. To be honest, I was just looking for entertainment, but I came away with much more. I see why you label your programs ‘edutainment.’ Your humorous insights inspired me to step back and realize how silly and ridiculous it is to keep holding on to things of little value . . . ”

Janet E.

“Thank you so much for coming to speak last night at the library! We were all thoroughly entertained . . . I am a professional organizer in Portsmouth (New Hampshire) . . . I learned so much from you. You are doing a great thing for so many people! Thank you for sharing your personal experiences, knowledge, and sense of humor!”

Elizabeth E.

“ . . . Having seen your recent show in Weymouth, I know it would be a big hit with our group.  We are all retired professionals . . . who meet twice a year for a luncheon and some kind of program . . .”

Yarmouth Senior Center

“Everyone enjoyed your performance as was obvious with all the participation and laughter.”

Milford Council on Aging

“Thank you for a great presentation . . . I will pass your info around to other center directors.”

Friends of the Dartmouth Library

“We all enjoyed you program and will certainly recommend you to friends.”

Audience Member - Yarmouth Senior Center

“You should be on television!”


“I was an attendee of your delightful presentation last night at the Saugus Library. It was so refreshing to attend a talk that did not include Power point or other technology. And you managed the late arrivals so well . . . You got me thinking about a number of things I do or don’t do . . . Again, thank you for an enjoyable and inspiring evening!”

Friends of the Walpole Public Library

“You were fantastic and well received, I will speak to the group about adding you as part of our core programming . . . ”

Janet E.

Thank you so much for coming to speak last night at the library!  We were all thoroughly entertained.  You let people see that this daunting task (for most people) can be upbeat and fun!  I am a professional organizer in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and have a hard time making organizing fun for clients . . . they tend to fall back into their old ways.  I learned so much from you.  You are doing a great thing for so many people!  Thank you for sharing your personal experiences, knowledge, and sense of humor!”